Beginnings of the Model and Architectural thoughts

May 26, 2008 at 7:16 PM
So first off, I seem to recall that someone (chance?) got the domain name  If so, we need to set something up so that we can post arbitrary (non-code) files and the like for viewing.

Ok, so general thoughts on implementation, I don't want to overengineer but I like a little preplanning (will post diagrams when above is available).

Db access goes through a repository.  All repositories implement IRepository<T> where T: Entity.  Repositories exist for each aggregate root. 

Entity is the base class for our main domain 'stuff'.  They're (very simply) things which are important enough to give a unique ID to.  So, IEntity (if we were o make one) woudl be as simple as one property (a getter for ID)

I'd like to do the Model in POCOs as much as possible.  The controllers will use the repository to either fetch an entity, list of same, or to save same back to the DB. 

First thoughts on our entities make my head twitch a little, but basically I think the main thing we're working with right now is an item of content (hence the CMS piece).  ContentBase : Entity is bouncing around in my head now, I'll try and get some code up tomorrow.  I think ContentBase can then be inherited by specific content types such as 'regular' html, pdf files, movies, etc.  More later...

May 27, 2008 at 7:53 AM
My current implementation is very primitive and will need to be refactored.

We wanted something up ASAP and we figured we could then learn from our mistakes and make a better DAL

I have some ideas I would like to discuss. DO you have IRC or GoogleTalk?

Chance, Mike and I had a very long talk yesterday on GoogleTalk and Chance and I have been communicating over IRC (#MVCMS) for a while

Its easier to discuss serious issues this way.

on IRC we are in #MVCMS, for Google send me a private message and ill send my handle (I get enough spam already)
May 27, 2008 at 12:48 PM
Yeah, Chance, Mike, and I have talked separately on googletalk; I couldn't get on IRC during the day due to corporate firewall.  I got your PM, though, so I'll add you to my google talk as well and we can work that way.